Card Signing

Unfortunately because of John’s health he is not always able to attend events and when he does he must limit his signing to small numbers for all. We have set up this service so fans can get a good number of cards signed and John can do this in a more leisurely manner. Charging is necessary as card signing requires considerably time and energy and logistics. In an acknowledgement that most people will want quite a few cards signed it is considerably cheaper to send a larger number of cards. You may wish to form a consortium with your friends to achieve this.

Number of cardsCost per card
1-10 £1.00
11-50 £0.75
51-500 £0.50

500 is the maximum number of cards we can receive without prior arrangement.

Please REMOVE sleeves, they weigh extra and we cannot guarantee we will replace or return them.


Card alterations and doodles

John can also alter cards with a drawing of his choice (or doodle on the back of an artist proof). Price for an alteration or doodle is £5. If you want John to draw something very specific for you (within the limitations of a line drawing and John’s judgement) this becomes a commission and is £10.

John will routinely sign and alter in black ink. Gold or silver are available by request but please be aware these pens can cause sticking and flaking even after careful drying.


We don’t recommend you send your most valuable cards, as we are unable to guarantee their safety in the post. Postage options are;

1. You enclose your own stamped addressed envelope (this will only work if you are in the United Kingdom!)

2. We will repack in robust packaging and send anywhere in the world these prices are estimates for postage – we will provide you with an exact price when we receive your cards


Payment can only be made using Paypal. Send your cards with a letter with at the very least your return address and email address. We will advise you of their receipt and as soon your Paypal payment arrives the cards will be signed by John. We aim to get the cards turned around and back to you in about 4-8 weeks.

Postal address for cards is;

Guy Coulson

PO Box 5412



BN50 8HG


PLEASE NOTE if you are outside Europe please tick ‘GIFT’ on customs forms and do not insure for high amounts. This will be picked up by customs and we will have to pay more than 20% charge on this value, or if we do not pay it your cards will be returned to you at your own cost.

Your post office might let you insure the cards as a gift without needing to write the full value on the outside. We know this through experience and paying out hundreds of pounds to get these items released. It is better if you send smaller quantities for this reason. If you must send large quantities you should do so by courier (safest way) but do not insure for $100’s or $1000’s of dollars.

Remeber you send your cards at your own risk. We are not responisble for cards which go missing in transit.

If you require any clarifications or have special requests then please email



Number of cardsPost to UKPost to EURest of the World
1-10 £2 €4.50 $7
11-50 £3 €6 $10
51-200 £4 €10 $15
1-200 (Signed Postage Service) £6 €5-€20 $12-$30
1-200 (Courier) P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A